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The best pulled pork you will ever eat

Do you like BBQ?
No, like really really like BBQ?
If not, then turn away because you’ll be eating pork sandwiches for the rest of your life. And you will be perfectly satisfied.

Go to the store.
Find the pork isle.
Buy yourself a nice big “rump roast.”
While your at it, pick up some spices you like.
And some buns to go with your butt.
One or two bottles of your favorite.

Heat the oven to 285 degrees.
Lather your pork with spices.


Now wrap it in tinfoil.
Stick it in the oven for 6 hours.

Take it out and use two forks to pull it apart.

Now add the sauce. I like to go half n’ half with Cookies and Bullseye.



Do yourself a favor and taste it.

Now stick it back in the oven for 20 minutes.

This stuff stores great in the fridge, just re-heat in the microwave.


The Breakfast Burrito

The classic American way; take a bunch of good stuff, combine it into one, then eat it. This is the essence of the breakfast burrito, now a staple in the American breakfast culture. It’s been done a lot of different ways. And that’s what makes it special, there is no rulebook to making the perfect burrito. That’s why I’m giving you one.

We’ll start with the main ingredients.

Flour tortilla, burrito size*


Maple syrup sausage*

*because no other sausage compares.

Hash browns

I like the garlic and herbs seasoning.

Refried beans*

*I guess black beans would work too, but it’d probably look weird.

An egg*

*and none of that insta-egg shit, that stuff disturbs me.

Frank’s Hot Sauce*

*you might be saying “but I don’t like hot sauce.” But I don’t care.

Maple syrup*

*because I’m crazy.

Now for the cooking.

Get a pan. Put some oil on it.

Turn the heat on medium-high.

Put in hash browns and sausage.

Lightly press on hash browns every so often.

Cook until lightly brown.

Cut up sausage and put the beans and egg on.

Mix up and cook until egg is done. Put on a plate.

Heat up tortilla.

Roll it up. And add some maple syrup.

BOOM. Serve it with salsa, if desired.

BBQ Chicken Quesidilla


If you’re tired of the same old barbecue chicken pizza from your favorite pizza place, try a barbecue chicken quesadilla. It’s quick and easy to make. Here’s what I use.


Bull’s-Eye Original.


I’m not about to get into an argument on what type of sauce to use. Sauce connoisseurs are entitled to their own opinions. But Bull’s-Eye Original is sweet and tangy, perfect for the chicken quesadilla.


Oscar Mayer Delifresh Southwestern Seasoned Chicken Breast.


Any type of cooked chicken will work. I like to use the kind above because it is already cut into pieces and the seasoning goes well with the barbecue sauce.


Baby Spinach.


Gotta have them veggies.


Burrito-size Flour Tortillas.


If there’s one ingredient you can’t miss, it’s this one.


Blend of Cheddar and Monterey Jack.


Any blend of cheeses will work, but this one has a good flavor.


Combine ingredients. And don’t over-do the barbecue sauce.


Turn Up the Heat.



Lightly-butter each side.



Cook each side until golden-brown.