Racial Slurs in American Society Panel

Live tweet story can be found here. 


Professor James Garza discusses racial slurs with the audience.

Story and live tweets by Brian Frey.

“This motherf***er won’t die because we will it to live and live and live,” Professor Kwakiutl L. Dreher said.

Dreher was referencing the N word. It was one of the many racial slurs brought up in UNL’s Ethnic Studies Colloquium Panel that was held today in Andrews Hall.

Every semester the Institute for Ethnic Studies holds panel discussions that focus on topics of interest among students and faculty. Today’s discussion centered on racial slurs in American society. Panel members included associate professors Tom Gannon, James Garza and Kwakiutl L. Dreher. “It allows students to hear from faculty researchers about controversial topics,” Garza said.

The panel discussions have been held for the past six years, usually between staff and students, but occasionally are open to the pubic. Guest speakers are often invited including writers and poets who specialize in certain topics. “We want to bring topics to the forefront that need to have more exposure [for students] in global job markets,” Garza said.

Next semester the program will have a celebration in April and the President of the Lakota Nation has been invited as a guest speaker.


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