iPhone rumors

I have a secret. I’m still using the iPhone 4. Actually, I had a 4s for a few weeks before I broke it, then downgraded back to my 4. I barely noticed the difference. The 4s was slightly faster, had a slightly better camera, and had Siri, which barely seemed to work right.

Then there was the 5. I, like many other students I know, are due for an upgrade but couldn’t justify the purchase. Once again, bigger, faster, “Siri,” but why not wait ’till the next one? Apart from looks and speed, I can do almost anything I need on an iPhone 4 that you can do on your iPhone 5.

And why should I buy an iPhone anymore?

The iPhone was the industry standard for a long time. If you were a journalist, it wasn’t a question. The app store was crucial. Everyone in the media had one. You had to have one.

That’s all changed. Android is a cross-platform operating system that has matured into a comparable alternative. Most iPhone apps are now on the Android market, and there are more carriers.

Apple is ready to take its title back. It introduced two new iPhones: the 5c and the 5s.

The 5c is basically a 5 with bright color options and a better camera. The 5s is where the real upgrade takes place.

Here’s one thing the new iPhone will have that makes it a deal-breaker: a fingerprint reader.

Yes, the iPhone 5s will be able to read your fingerprint. This could possibly change the way phone security works forever. A shift in a new direction. This is the kind of change that makes me want to upgrade.

In time, I’m sure we’ll see a lot of changes in the cell phone world with the implications of Apple’s cell phone reader.

Here’s Gizmodo’s coverage:



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