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A$AP Rocky is smooth. With french braids and gold teeth, the twenty-four year-old rapper is known for his seductive flows that tell tales of inner city life’s struggles. But that’s just going on his mixtape released last year. This is Rocky’s first album.

This is also one of the first rap albums in recent memory that I’ve listened to all the way through. The first track, same as the album title, sets the mood with thunder and rain. “I thought I’d die in prison,” Rocky begins. Those first four minutes and fifty seconds bring us down to his level. Street scenes and ghetto dreams. This is the real life struggle of a rapper growing up in New York.

There were two singles released from this album last year: “Goldie,” and “Fuckin’ Problems.” Both are gritty with bass heavy beats and dirty verses. Recently, I feel like singles are the only songs worth listening to on rap albums. I was surprised when I almost didn’t notice them in this album.

Rocky captivates us with a slow, melodic flow over relaxed synths and beats in “Hell,” “Fashion Killa,” and “Phoenix.” Then he switches it up with quick witted verses over uptempo instrumentals in tracks “Fuckin’ Problems,” and “Wild For The Night.”

Rocky is a talented rapper with an impressive debut album.

Grade: 4/5

Listen to: “Long Live A$AP,” “Hell,” “Wild For The Night,” “Fashion Killa.”



Song of the week

Archer returns with season 4 amnesia


Season 3 left the ISIS crew aboard the International Space Station, where they once again managed to escape certain death from Barry, a cyborg spy from rival agency ODIN. 

It is obvious that some time has passed in the season 4 opener. We see Archer, who now goes by the name Bob, donning a mustache and flipping burgers at a low-end burger joint. It appears that he has since gotten married, and we see his wife and children help him in the restaurant. This is a play on the show Bob’s Burgers, in which H. Jon Benjamin, the voice of Archer, portrays Bob, a burger flipper. Fans who are familiar with the show will surely enjoy this mash-up.

Archer’s simple life comes to a close when a hit squad busts in his burger joint looking for a man named Archer. Archer insists he isn’t Archer, and that his real name is Bob. He then brutally kills the entire hit squad. Afterward, he stands back in horror, not knowing where he learned such fatal combat skills. At this point we ask ourselves, does Archer really not know he’s Archer?

Cut to the ISIS agency. Archer’s mother and commander of ISIS, Mallory, tells the crew that her son has turned up, but that he doesn’t know his identity. Krieger, the team’s unlicensed scientist/doctor urges the team to approach Archer with apprehension, stating there’s a chance he might permanently reject his true identity. Could Krieger have a hand in this?

The ISIS team has a plan. Lana, the tall black and beautiful agent whom serves as Archer’s better half, and even used to date him, meets Archer at a poolside resort. She confides in him she’s a secret agent, and that KGB agents are tracking them. These “KGB” agents are actually Ceril and Ray, members of ISIS who are part of Mallory’s plan. The plan fails when actual KGB agents open fire at Archer and Lana at the poolside resort. In the confusion, Lana hits Archer with a frying pan, and his memory is restored.

Meanwhile, Pam and Cheryl, are enjoying massages at the resort. Pam is smoking a joint while Cheryl eats LSD gummy bears. Are these two ever sober?

The resort begins burning down after Archer launches malatov cocktails on the KGB agents. The ISIS crew regroups outside to discuss the aftermath. They inform Archer that several months prior, on the day of his mother’s wedding, he hijacked the wedding limo, and disappeared. Cheryl, in the depths of an LSD binge, sees an ostrich and begins freaking out. The credits roll, and we are left to wonder what exactly just happened. Was Archer’s amnesia real? Who is Mallory’s new husband? And what does Krieger have to do with all of this?