Monthly Archives: May 2012

new iPhone.

Did this yesterday. I broke my iPhone 4s last month; the screen, chassis and backplate. It was a mess. My options were to get a new iPhone ($300 for my 32 gb), or get the parts and replace it myself ($180). I had to order new parts, so I went to and ordered a white faceplate LCD ($60), metal chassis ($100) and brushed metal backplate ($20).

It was a very complicated process- it literally took me an entire day. The worst part was the screws. They’re so small you can barely see them, and the only way to unscrew them is by using the world’s smallest screwdriver. There’s like 50 of them. Apart from that, the iPhone is built very well, and the parts are (relatively) easy to replace.

Then I turned it on…And on came a light blueish flickering screen that looked like someone nuked my iPhone in radiation poison. It works, but something is off with the color calibration. They sent me a faulty LCD screen, those bastards. I asked them to send me a replacement.

At least the custom backplate looks sweet.


Old Gods, New Gods

Game of Thrones season 2, episode 6

HBO’s Game of Thrones just seems to make up rules as it goes along. This leaves us with many questions, like: “Why did you have to kill Eddard?” “Is magic real?” And – “WTH was that demon shadow that killed Renly?”

If anything, last night’s episode left us with more questions. Because there are so many different stories going on at once, GoT can be hard to follow.We find that Winterfell has been taken by Theon Greyjoy, who expects the people of Winterfell to happily call him prince, all because he was raised by the Starks. The only problem is, the people of Winterfell view it as treason, and still view Theon as the immature captive he was. Even Bran refuses to believe the gravity of the situation when Theon wakes him up to tell him he’s taken Winterfell.